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February 28 2018

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Make the Programmer's Life Easier: Utilize Bug Tracking Systems

The IT department can handle it. The programmer and web guy can figure out the details. In many ways, these arguments are dated. They are not logical for a small business team on the basis that they just don’t have an IT department anyway. Others are using this logic without knowing that things work best when it is a team effort. At the very least, multiple people can assist in the process if needed.

To give the task solely to a single programmer is missing the complicated nuances of programming. It is losing the fact that programming and designing a website is complex, layered, challenging, and time-consuming. If there are other people “keeping their antenna out,” everyone can benefit.

A Look at Bugs

Bugs are the perfect example of this at play. In an ideal world, the programmer catches every bug and reviews every potential hole. In reality, they miss some of these things through no direct fault of their own. It happens. Updates reconfigure the code in often unpredictable ways. People utilize the system in ways that were not factored in.

When a bug happens, especially on the customer end, the customer is frustrated. Perhaps they leave the cart. Perhaps the bug manifests in a way that closes their account, freezes the site, or something else equally obnoxious. The customer leaves. Bugs can erode sales. The worst part is that the business may not even know this error exists.

System Error Reporting

Error reporting finds bugs in the system that may not be easily surfaced otherwise. No code is perfect. No programmer is perfect in their ability. Sometimes, a “backup” system to help the programmer can help keep the system code as ideal as possible. It is often up to the website engineer or business leader to assist in the code with toolbars and programs. This kind of system can effectively complement the manual work of a programmer.

The error compiling report discloses various bugs in the system. More importantly, it helps isolate the cause of the bug. Readers can visit Exceptionless to learn more about applied error reporting tools. The website is at Exceptionless.com.

Bugs are not often ignored. Most likely, the website owner hardly knows they exist. The customer, on the other hand, does. Businesses who have a broken functionality system will see their sales diminish in certain ways over time, and they may not ever know the root cause.

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